Founder Papa Joe Delio

Joseph A. Delio II
JULY 4, 1947 – OCTOBER 16, 2012

On Tuesday morning October 16, 2012, Joseph A. Delio, 65, of Carlton Road, Swanzey, NH returned home by the Holy Spirit and ministering angels to his Heavenly Father God and to Father God's Only Begotten Son, Joe's Elder Brother ~ Lord Jesus Christ, while at his home attended by his beloved wife Dee. The ever attentive men and women of emergency services lovingly honored Joe's last wishes for a full code. Ten months ago God revealed He would give Joe healing for all his diseases, yet would not take away his diseases. In the last three weeks of Joe's life in the suffering of late stage Multiple Sclerosis, End Stage Renal Disease, Atrial Fibrillation, Ventricular Tachycardia, Respiratory Failure, and Dry Gangrene all was put into a state of healing that confounded his medical team and put laughter in the last days of God's care of His beloved son Joe. At the peak of restorative healing Joe in perfect peace went home. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. July 4th, 1947, the son of Joseph A. and Leona (Wszolek) Delio Sr., and had resided in Lindenhurst, NY prior to moving to Swanzey many years ago. On September 3, 1976, in Nigeria, Joe told God he believed in the Lord Jesus Christ's virgin birth, his life and miracles, his scourging, his crucifixion ending in the blood bought sacrifice of the Son of God for Joe's sins and the sins of all. Joe said he believed in the death, burial and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ as the "firstborn from the dead." On that day Joe asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of his life. In that moment the Holy Spirit breathed the breath of life into Joe and Joe who was one of the walking spiritually dead was quickened with spiritual life and was given the gift of Eternal Life, the ability to become a son of God. Through many joys and tribulations God created in Joe the image of His Son Jesus and then took Joe home to ever be with God. Joe is waiting for all of us. Joe's first home church was Beth-el Bible Church in Surry, NH. His second church was the Christian Missionary Alliance when started at the YMCA. His third church was with Pastors Michael Gannt and Matt Worrall in Brattleboro, Vermont. His final church home is Monandnock Covenant Church Keene, NH.

The beloved "Papa Joe" was the founder, organizer and driving force for the Cornerstone Outreach Ministries, Inc. which included Cornerstone Motorcycle Ministry, a group of Bible believing, born again bikers and friends of motorcyclists that minister to bikers around the world. CSMM begins the year with the 11 am Mother's Day Biker Blessing at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. In June, the "TENT" a safety stop for bikers during Motorcycle Week, opens 8 days before Father's Day and feeds all who enter with love, homemade cookies and three hot meals a day. This yearly door way to heaven is located on Route #9 in Antrim, NH. Papa Joe directed the Cornerstone Food Ministry which distributed over a million pounds of food each year, the Cornerstone Prison Ministry wherein Papa Joe ministered in over 50 prisons. Papa Joe was also the volunteer Chaplain at the Westmoreland County Correctional Facility. Papa Joe officiated at weddings, funerals and counseled all.

Papa Joe was a member of the board of directors of the Coalition of Prison Evangelists. Joe held a Master's degree from Keene State College and was a certified Forensic Counselor. Joe completed his internship in Pastoral/Forensic Counseling at the State Correctional Facility in Concord, NH. Joe taught at the Corrections Academy. Joe held a position as a parole officer. Joe counseled Federal inmates upon completion of their time helping them to return to their community. Joe's vocational career years ended with Pastoral counseling with adolescents in the residential additions programs. In earlier years Joe was a member of the Meadowwood Fire Department, and was an emergency first responder for medical emergencies and fires.

In NY, Joe worked in the family business in shipping and receiving in Port Elizabeth. He moved to NH in 1974 and worked for Troy Mills and worked on the development of their shipping and receiving. From there Joe went to work for Dee's father in Nigeria running the receiving shore operation. He later went on to work in Brazil and traveled 1000 miles up the Amazon River by tugboat and then drove back to the East Coast through the jungle alone.

The Governor of NH appointed Joe to the NH State Disabilities Commission. Joe also went around the Monadnock Region and worked on getting the community compliant with American Disabilities Act provisions for a handicapped accessible community. The University of New Hampshire contacted Joe to attend the Disabilities School a two year all expenses paid State of NH educational appointment. Joe facilitated the Monadnock Region Disabilities Support Group and the Multiple Sclerosis Support Group. He married Diane (Dee Dee) Noel (Douglass) Delio of Swanzey in June of 1976 in the Swanzey town hall while on his lunch half-hour. Their marriage ended successfully in love and blessed with the fullness of restored lives and families.